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How to Make Notepad++ Compare Two Files Easily? Full Guide

So, if you are a frequent traveler and want to use the text comparison flexibly, this tool checks all the boxes. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another great tool from Adobe. This lets you compare and track the differences, especially in PDF files. You can http://bedabeck.ch/finding-the-best-alternative-to-notepad-on-mac/ compare texts side by side and revisions, helping you to spot the changes. You can manage the files on your folders when comparing a set of documents. Let’s say you are working on a document to submit to your team for further improvements and editing.

  • I did not think to look at the pulldown for save as, and when I do that I don’t see a .clang-format option.
  • Select Notepad from the list of available features.
  • And, as we mentioned before, this option doesn’t affect most desktop applications.
  • In the above section, I showed you the various methods to open Microsoft Notepad.

Unfortunately, this will hide the top menu spontaneously, and you will ultimately be left with a dark editor. To exit the distraction-free mode, use the plus button at the editor screen’s top right. After that, you will arrive at the default new notepad blank page, where you can kick off using the programmer’s notepad software. Let us proceed further and look at how we can launch the already installed Notepad++ app. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install Notepad++ using the graphical user interface method.

Compare two remote files

In addition, it shows the difference between your files and folders in its two side-by-side comparison modes. WinMerge is an open-source tool with extensive features for comparing your text files. You can use this tool to compare up to three files at once. In addition, you can compare, edit and merge files within the tool and view the difference in two vertical panes.

Copy all the files from this folder to the portable pendrive folder . For our plugin, we created a folder called “AutoSave” under the “Plugins” folder. Creating a new MSI with Notepad++ that upgrades the previous versionand contains the plugins you need. Advanced Installer helps you create powerful and reliable MSI, App-V & MSIX packages. Go to the C-Motion Free Downloads section and click the “Download” button under Notepad++ to download the plugin.


Your Notepadd++ will be restarted automatically once the installation is complete. Copy the contents of the desired Compare-plugin release zip file into Notepad++’s plugins installation folder (%Notepad++_program_folder%\Plugins). Please use the correct archive version based on your Notepad++ architecture – x86 or x64. Anyone who frequently creates scripts or analyzes log files and handles different versions can compare them very quickly with the help of the right editor.

Also, with the search feature, you can quickly search for and edit any entry. Launch WinMerge and from the File menu select Open or press the Ctrl + O keys to choose the folders/files that you want to compare. WinMerge is one of the best free tools for comparing and synchronizing files and folders. It is extremely useful for determining what has changed between 2 similar folders, synchronizing their contents or merge them.

The only app in the suite you’ll need for CSV files is Calc, so make sure to select that one. Feel free to also install any of the other included software. Under “Separator type.” This tells Sheets to use commas as the separators, which is important for CSV files. If it’s already selected, you can leave it alone. I’,ve intentionally separated the commands with tab to better show you the sequence used. A link to this tool, including input, options and all chained tools.

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